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Durham & Frontier Medical is a type of NHS trust, part of the National Health Service in England, that provides some primary and community services or commission them from other providers, and are involved in commissioning secondary care. Medical care "tourism" has become more common with patients combining surgery or treatment with a holiday to make it low cost and affordable in countries such as - France, South Africa, Greece, Spain, Belgium, China and South America to name just a few.

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  • Provisional Monthly HES data for Inpatients

    In the year from March 2009 to February 2014 there were:

    • 16.6 million finished consultant episodes (FCEs), 57.7 per cent of which included at least one procedure or intervention, and of these 5.4 million were day cases.
    • 14.4 million finished admission episodes (FAEs), of which 5.1 million were emergency admissions.

    Provisional Monthly HES data for Outpatients

    In the year from March 2009 to February 2014 there were:

    • 82.4 million outpatient appointments made, with 66.1 million (80.3 per cent) of these attended by the patient.
    • 6.6 million outpatient appointments not attended by the patient, representing 8.0 per cent of all appointments.
    Information available fromIC NHS, The NHS Information Centre, Statistics : Department of Health and Connecting Dots.


Health care should be taken seriously to make sure to diagnose any issuea with the health yourselves or those you care for.

You are at the centre of the way we practice: we organise ourselves around you. This enables us to provide you with your own unique personal support and guidance.

Central to our philosophy is respect for you as an individual. Your needs come first and our team is here for you. We aim to be understanding, supportive and efficient as we discuss your concerns and health needs.

You may want us to tailor your care, or perhaps you’d prefer to receive information that helps you make your own decisions – many people choose a combination of these two approaches.

  • Dental surgery abroad
  • Cosmetic surgery overseas
  • IVF fertility care treatment abroad
  • Eye surgery abroad
  • Private Health Care

D&F Medical Information site - please ask your doctor or nurse before taking any medial advice or help available online

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